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                                                      Photo: Madlen Mählis

"Dr. Nojoke is a producer and performer – his live sets continually bring new and unique sounds to the table, a combination of field-recordings,
self-made sounds, and highly conceptual production that redefine the way we understand electronic music.
A Berlin native and leader in directional minimal techno (or “clikno” as he describes it), Dr. Nojoke is a master of rethinking ordinary musicality and procuring new uses for the everyday."
Emma Robertson


Since 2005 Dr.Nojoke has been working on technoid sound-sculptures with an experimental and minimal approach based on his archive of self-made audio- and field-recordings.
Through processing and editing he defines a groovy, deeply hypnotic, quirky music he calls Clikno.
Dr.Nojoke relinquishes conventional rave-signals and typical techno sounds and samples - such as the Roland TB303 or 808/909 drum machines -
and instead (trans-)forms his collected “acoustic” sounds into highly technological “electronic” music.
Also Dr.Nojoke attaches great importance to unusual and random harmony- and melody-schemes, non-stereotypical sounds and hook-lines, which willingly break up clichés.

Dr.Nojoke has been releasing on a multitude of labels such as Pheek's imprint Archipel, Pluie/Noir, Klangscheiben, Sleep is Commercial,
Destroy All Monsters, Minim.all, NOOK, Autist, Resopal, Concrete Records, UNOIKI ...

In 2018 Dr.Nojoke will launch CLIKNO as a vinyl-label for his own music productions. The first 12” entitled ‘’ is due to come out on March 1st 2018.

He did remixes for acts like Rosenstolz, Dinamoe aka Rico Püstel, Pheek, David Last and D.Diggler as well as for the English Electro-poetress Caro Snatch,
Autist Records boss M_Ferri or Sven Laux, Andrew Duke, Andrés Marcos and many more.

  Photo: Jana Forkmann


Amidst all this well-considered concept is of course the element of fun and serendipity.
The live show may feature instruments such as radio, crushed plastic bottles, jew´s harps, souvenirs and toys
as Dr.Nojoke celebrates the joy of finding special sounds in everyday objects not usually appreciated for their musicality.
Bringing unexpected sounds to the dancefloor creates moments of irritation, confusion and fun and is part of the magic of his performances.

Since 2005 he carried out solo-performances in galleries, clubs and festivals notably at
ARMA 17,
Save Festival (Moscow), Piknic Electronik (Montreal), Freerotation Festival (Wales), Next Sound Festival (Kiev),
Club Transmediale (Berlin), Boom Festival (Portugal), Freqs of Nature (Germany), Waha Festival (Romania),
Kein Theam 23 Festival (Nuremberg), Festival Paysages Electroniques (Lille), Live Performers Meeting (Rome),
Netaudio Festival Berlin and London, Universo Parallelo (Bahia, Brasil), Sol-Fest (Spain), X-Bass Festival (Napels), …

Dr.Nojoke is serious about what he does, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously - seriously!


Grown up with the squeaking sound of a mono-kitchen-radio Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr.Nojoke spent his youth in headphone-trips with electronic and progressive music.
The music lessons in school were a disaster, but the first guitar came as inevitable as Punk!
While doing wild experiments at home with an echo- and a tape-machine he played electric-guitar in diverse alternative and independent rock bands.

With the project elektroblitz mitte he realized seven film- and seven theatre-scores plus some trailers combining electronic sounds with acoustic and electric instruments.
In 2010 he created and performed the music for the dance-performance “what my neck remembers my head will forget” from the Danish dancer and choreographer Christine Borch.
And in 2016 he joined the theatre for August Strindbergs play Die Stärkere (The Stronger) directed by Marianne Kjaer Klaussen.


•    CLIKNO – label
•    The POOL Berlin – network of DJs, producers, VJs and fans of experimental minimal techno, sound art and ambient music. -> POOLcast
•    PLO – Pool Lab Orchestra – ensemble for live-improvised electronic music
•    Anomali – solo project - narrative dronescapes on search for “essence & emptiness”
•    UNOIKI  - label, collective and network, since 01-01-2010
•    Paralelo - live-jam project with J-Lab.  Launch gig at Club Transmediale 2009. Album: “Berlin Wall of Sound” out on UNOIKI


- Transit Audio - a group of four people - "Erased Bodies" (Italy), "SH-i" (Israel), "Substance G" (Wales) and me - jamming live on four laptops.
    We met each other at the Ableton Live Users Group meetings in Berlin.

- HORROR VACUIis an interactive audiovisual dance performance researching on “emptiness”. visuals: vitaminK+ (Tritamin Kollektiv), dance/choreography: Carolin Goedecke, music: Dr.Nojoke.

please contact Thomas Bäz at

listen to live-set here

                                                                     Photo: Magnus Guellenhammar


Composition, lyrics, vocals, guitar

Final Curtain (Dark Wave-Punk, 1986)
Weird Scenes (Folk-Psycho-Beat, 1988-1991)
Love Bomb (Garage-Punk-Alternative-Pop, 1989-1990/1993-1995)
The Weirdo Stompers (Surf, 1991-1997)


Jackethive (Brit-Pop, 1995)
Schulze´s Hölle (Trash-Pop, 1995)

Farfisa-organ, sound-FX

Big Jim (Breakbeat-Post-Pop, 1999)


Apparatschik (Polka, 1997-2000)


Turn Marshalls (Surf, 1997/1998)
Astromama (Surf, 1999-2001)
Ivo Lotion & Die Mariachis, the Lokalrunde-band at the hip Kurvenstar, Berlin (HipHop-Reggae-Soul-Pop, 2000-2002)
X.A.Cute Sound System (Illmatic Dub, Breakbeats, Visuals, 2000-2002)

Guitar, Bass, Groove-Box, FX, Computer, Composition, Production

elektroblitz mitte (Lo-Fi-Punk-Pop and Hi-Sci-Electro-experiments since 1997)

electronics, production, cooperations

Dr.Nojoke, Clikno solo-project (since 2005)
PLO - pool laptop orchestra
(since 2014)
Paralelo / TRIoon, (audiovisual) live improvisation (since 2009)
Horror Vacui, audiovisual dance performance ( 2009-2012)
Transit Audio
, improvisational laptop quartet (since 2009-2012)
Christine Borch - what my head remembers my head will forget
, solo dance performance with live electronics (2010)