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Dr.Nojoke moves between experiment, club, art and pop always on the search for special moments and a musical definition of his present time.

Through recording, contortion and transformation of heard sounds - (such as very short ones or not actively noticed background/environmental sounds, which are covered/faded out by routine of our ears and brain)
Dr.Nojoke makes you realize the sounds from everyday life.
The selective process of all the noises is decisive, to differentiate between just noise and the individuality of a single noise.
Well-known or established things are fragmented and put together in wrong or just different orders.


Dr.Nojoke loves those small noises. His sound archive is full of poppy, clicky, glitchy, scratchy, smacky and quirky sounds he finds with his microphone.
He searches for the things, which are inbetween and behind the things and pays attention to the unpredictable and incidental.
Like a surgeon he dissects his recorded noises and instruments, selects, edits and processes them, weaves a new structure and combines them with some electronic sounds and effects.
For each project Dr.Nojoke uses a specific working process and sound material. Each track uses new sets of sound.

Inspirational sources are perceptions and observations from all medias (internet, TV, radio, film, photo, print…) and real surroundings (appartment, architecture, street art, exhibitions, people…),
not to mention favourite artists, labels and movements like Dada, Fluxus, Mille Plateaux, Raster Noton, Jan Jelinek, Murcof, Ricardo Villalobos, Burnt Friedman, Cluster, Neu ...

He strives for a synthesis of club, arts, moods and spaces between process and presentation, improvisation and composition, intuition and intention, between man and machine, hi-sci and lo-fi, that is transformed into a lively and playful performance!

As a musician Dr.Nojoke attaches great importance to a permanent re-definition - re-inventing himself and reflecting his work - while avoiding/discarding clichees.
His concerts, performances and DJ-sets in galleries, cafés, clubs and parties provide evidence of this.